rose-tinted fries, a poem

He stepped into my world one day
or maybe I stepped into his
I don’t remember.

but what I do recall is the sweet
greasy, buttery, oily fries of those Five Guys
the burgers dripping into the rose-tinted air.

Like so many others, he was unremarkable
in the most memorable of ways
Just another guy who stood by himself within the crowd. Read the rest …

The Sound

I’ve been obsessed with The 1975’s 2016 single, “The Sound,” over the last few days.

The Sound

The Sound, a song by The 1975 on Spotify

There’s something about the song’s lyrics and underlying beat that’s connecting at a deep and fundamental layer of my existence. Read the rest …

The things we’re not taught

In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.

— Someone, somewhere, but the Internet has mangled it enough that I don’t know who or where to source it

I get contemplative every time I see people around me go through major life events: picking college, graduating, quitting their jobs or getting engaged. Read the rest …

Rainbows everywhere

Today was the first day I’ve ever walked in a Pride Parade. My greatest love and thanks go out to all the Northwestern people who helped organise us together under (well, behind) one banner, and to the Parade organisers and marshals for making it happen. Read the rest …